I have worked on journalistic investigations for major Canadian and international media, including the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Postmedia News and The Discourse. You can explore my projects below.


The Discourse / April 2018

Plastic pollution pileup on Canada’s beaches exposes environmental policy gaps

Thousands of kilograms of plastic garbage are piling up on the seabed and on Canada’s shores, but the government doesn’t yet have a domestic strategy to tackle marine debris. Read more…

Ch citizenship ceremony.jpeg

Calgary Herald & National Post / September 2016

Workers Without Borders: Immigration and Canada's Economy

This six-part series explores the implications of Canadian immigration policy for the Canadian economy, revealing a growing population of undocumented immigrants; businesses country-wide struggling to access labour; and poor integration of immigrants into the job market, all of which results in billions of dollars in losses to the economy each year. Read more…

Thomson Reuters / May 2014

Big oil firms accused of cheating on royalties lead fight to limit US disclosure rules

Oil companies have paid $3 billion following charges they've regularly cheated the US government. Read more…